Wander With Wonder – Fall 2020


I continue to go for walks and enjoy what I see in the neighborhood as the summer season comes to an end and we are full-on into fall. I read “Bettering Myself” from Homesick for Another World by Ottessa Moshfegh and saw the parallel in my life with what she wrote. “Oh, okay, there were a few fine times. One day I went to the park and watched a squirrel run up a tree. A cloud flew around in the sky. I sat down on a patch of dry yellow grass and let the sun warm my back.”

No matter how troubled the times, small delicious pleasures – blue sky, bright flowers, a fairy doorway, dry grasses blowing in the wind, sun shining, fruit ripening, leaves changing color – never fail to delight me and lift my spirits. So I walk every day. I gather little bits from nature and put them in an antique wooden bowl when I get home.

I’m seeing a lot of travel trailers, vans and campers; took a photo of a vintage one I thought looked fun. Super popular way to vacation right now. Friends are waiting for a T@B teardrop trailer they ordered; it should show up in November and then I’ll get a first-hand report of their travel adventures. Might be inspired to follow in their foot-steps.

I’m on a news blackout right now; was just feeling overloaded in the past few days. Longer walks are great, and my photography is a way for me to anchor the moments of happy discovery. Life is fleeting; the sun will never shine through the leaves in exactly this way again. The sunset evolves from moment to moment. Leaves will fall, the sky will be overcast, the sun will be lower in the sky. So I capture the moment and hang onto it with gratitude.

Winter rain is inevitable, and we will see what the next season brings to delight the senses.

IMG_6781 IMG_6790 IMG_6619

IMG_6867 IMG_6862 IMG_6855 IMG_6835 IMG_6818 (1) IMG_6696 IMG_6488 IMG_6603 IMG_6400 IMG_6446 IMG_6482 (1) IMG_6337 IMG_6347 IMG_6363 IMG_6399 IMG_6302 (2) IMG_6311 IMG_6320 IMG_6274 IMG_6287 (1) IMG_6296 IMG_6118 IMG_6124 IMG_6151 IMG_6254 (1)IMG_6130 IMG_6061 IMG_6067 IMG_6089 IMG_6105 (1) IMG_6106 IMG_5901 IMG_5906 IMG_6012 (2) IMG_5887 IMG_5888 IMG_5857 unnamed-7 (3) IMG_5808 IMG_5807 (1) IMG_5758 (1)

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