IMG_3193As of 2021 I’m fulfilling a long-held dream of becoming part of a small town community. I love Astoria because people here are diverse, there is exceptional natural beauty, and there is a wonderful combination of both lively community and peace and quiet. It feels like I’m back to family roots – my mom and dad both spent parts of their childhood years living on the Oregon coast.

I hold degrees in Computer Science and Addiction Counseling. I also hold a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. I was an I.T. professional for 14 years, designing and building computer systems for an international Fortune 500 business. I then changed careers and counseled convicted felons with alcohol and drug addictions to help them transform in ways that supported success outside of prison. The common element in these careers is that I love to work with people in times of transformation – whether that is working with new technology or creating a new life after prison & addiction. Working with people in times of growth and transformation took another turn when I became a parent at age 44.  I love reinventing my own life and have done it a number of times; my move to Astoria is my latest reinvention.

I can’t say enough good things about Astoria. It is home to writers, poets, artists, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, outdoor enthusiasts, dog lovers, beer makers, coffee brewers, gardeners. People are friendly, down-to-earth and interesting. This town has a vibrant working waterfront, a fascinating history, and so much going on I can’t keep up with it all. People who live here care deeply about their town and are very hands-on with their involvement. It is everything I hoped for and more!