The Astoria Sky

Why I look at the sky…

IMG_1019IMG_6409 (1) IMG_8697 IMG_3637 IMG_5967 IMG_5795 IMG_5471 IMG_5307IMG_6624IMG_6913IMG_2793IMG_3074IMG_2784 IMG_5154IMG_5160IMG_5006IMG_4696IMG_4827 (1)IMG_4053IMG_4357IMG_4826 (1)IMG_5007IMG_3625 (1) IMG_3528 IMG_3517IMG_5504 IMG_5469 IMG_5470IMG_5480 IMG_6382IMG_6100 (1)IMG_5014IMG_3434IMG_3059IMG_3066IMG_3056IMG_0942IMG_0246

There are days when Astoria has grey skies. Some days a color photograph looks like it was done in black and white. Some days you can’t tell where the water and land stop, and sky begins. But most days have transitions from one weather system to another, giving opportunities to capture clouds, rainbows, and blue skies. The forces of nature are at work here and the resulting skyscapes are a joy. There are days when every glance out the window, or turn in the road on a walk, brings an exciting new vista.


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