These are the questions I am asked most frequently…

How do I get started? What is the first step?

On the contact page fill out an inquiry and request your free consultation. You will receive a response within 48 hours.

Who are your clients?

People seriously committed to improving their lives; people who won’t give up on their dreams. I will happily work with you regardless of your profession, age, religion, ethnicity, background or interests. Successful clients are willing to explore with curiosity, experiment with doing things in a new way, get creative, and keep an open mind.

Why is coaching so popular?

Because it is empowering and effective. It can help you achieve goals in all areas of your life. It is generally a lower cost process than therapy. People today want to fulfill their dreams and do more with their life. A professional that works with you, is committed to your advancement, and armed with an arsenal of tried and tested tools, expedites that process.

Will coaching help me?

Yes, if you are ready for life changing transformation. Yes, if you see the value of investing your time and energy in creating that transformation. Yes, if you are willing to courageously step outside your comfort zone. Yes, if you are willing to get to work with strategic action steps rather than vague hoping, wishing, and fantasizing. Is now the time you will step forward to create and claim the life you want to live? If so, please contact me to see if we’re a fit for working together. Remember, indecision is really just a decision not to change, a decision to keep doing what you’re doing and getting the same results.

Is coaching a good investment?

Coaching is definitely an investment of your time and money. To answer this question you need to ask yourself whether your heart-felt dream, is more important than other ways you may be spending time and money – cars, clothes, vacations, having drinks with friends, going out for coffee or lunch, cable TV, the newest tech gadgets, and any number of things you spend money on for short-term pleasure. Would you rather invest that money in building the life you long for? How much are you spending to cover the feelings of pain and dissatisfaction with your life?

Another question is what is it costing you to stay stuck? Does it eat away at your self-esteem, your happiness, and your satisfaction with the life you’re living? The time you spend stuck spinning your wheels is irretrievable – you will never get those years back.

What are the differences between coaching, teaching, consulting, mentoring, and counseling?

A coach is a reflection, a neutral partner through which you can really see yourself and your life more clearly, growing in the process.”  Feroshia Knight

Coaching is future-focused. Coaching is action and results oriented. Coaching helps you go inside to find your own answers. My coaching is personal, one-on-one, tailored to your specific needs. My coaching puts full faith in your capacity to achieve your goals. You set the goals your heart is motivated to reach for, and find your unique path. I provide the support it takes for you to do something new and challenging, or to do something differently, to try new strategies and approaches that may be out of your current comfort zone. In the coaching process I will share information that will enable you to use your time and energy in the most strategic and effective way.

Teaching gives you new information, but does not necessarily help you in applying that information in your life. Sometimes you have to get out of your head and into your heart to realize your dreams.

Consulting is about analysis and possible solutions. This can be very effective in moving you forward, but is less internally motivated and only works to the degree you align with the solutions and are motivated to implement them. Usually motivation to act is higher when you find your own answers. Consulting is usually a short-term exchange, not a relationship.

Mentoring is about giving advice. There is no shortage of free advice or advice books, but it can be hard to find someone with the time, focus and motivation to get involved in your journey as a mentor.

Counselors help you understand and heal your past in order to change your life. Often called talk-therapy, it is a process for peeling back the layers to discover how you got where you are. Understanding and healing the past is the starting point for creating a new future.

All these modalities are useful in the right context. We can have a conversation on whether coaching is right for you. Coaching programs and courses are a blend of education, mentoring, and coaching. They include an informational/educational component combined with coaching support that helps you take action on what you’re learning in order to meet goals.

Can I realize my goals without a coach?

I love DIY and yes, you may get there through your own process. You may be able to gain the same insights and information with a trusted friend. If you have friends who help you get motivated, strategize, and stay committed to taking action on your dreams then you may not need a coach. If that friend has time to listen, time to help create a plan of action, gives you feed-back that is useful, honest and objective, and realizes you have a unique journey and you do not want the same things and will not get there in the same way he or she did, you may not need a coach. If you have mentors in your life who have successfully done what you are seeking to do, and he or she has time to mentor you, you may not need a coach. If you are voracious in seeking knowledge through books and workshops and web sites, can put that knowledge to use and hold yourself accountable for taking action, and can successfully sustain change after the book or workshop is done, you may not need a coach. If you’d like to get there more quickly and efficiently, get support on your journey, sustain the movement that will create what you are seeking, then you can definitely use a coach!

Can coaching guarantee results? How much time will it take?

In general, coaching is very effective and time efficient and that is why it continues to gain in popularity. I can guarantee you will come away with self-knowledge, insights, tools, and action steps to move you toward your goals. However, I don’t know you, I don’t know how hard you will work, whether you will follow through, how committed you are, what actions you will take, how high your aspirations and how far you have to go to feel you’ve reached them. I will work with you to develop your best ideas, next steps, and strategies to get the results you desire. But no one can guarantee how long it might take you to get to your ultimate destination. I don’t know your willingness to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, and act upon your new insights. For all these reasons, I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results. To get the highest value from your investment I recommend that you be fully present and focused for every appointment, follow through and complete all “homework” diligently, communicate honestly if you have concerns the process is not working for you, and be as honest and forthcoming as possible in every session. We will have a free consultation to talk about whether coaching is right for you before you make this investment and commitment; contact me.

What if I want to help a friend?

Coaching packages may be purchased as a gift. Often a loved one wants to help a friend, daughter, parent, even an ex-partner, find happiness. Often that loved one can’t be in a coaching or helping role. There is no greater show of love and support than gifting someone with coaching. If you would like to discuss the details of how this might work, contact me.