I am discovering my next dream and the steps I’ll take to achieve it.

Every important transformation in my life has included a relationship with someone who helped me, a new form of creative expression, a new perspective on how my past has served me, and support for busting out of my comfort zone in a big way. I’m exploring those elements for change and how they apply to manifesting what’s next for me.

When I look at my life I’m astonished that every dream I’ve had, I’ve made a reality. I come from a background filled with challenges and struggle. I’ve experienced multiple kinds of trauma. Yet life is good and I’m committed to making it even better. I value and honor my journey, my lessons, my complexity, my struggles. I have taught myself to be resilient and never give up on my dreams no matter how steep the climb. As I clarify my dreams for my next chapter, I’ll be going for them in a big way.

A little more about me…

I hold degrees in Computer Science and Addiction Counseling. I also hold a M.A. in Spiritual Psychology. I was an I.T. professional for 14 years, designing and building computer systems for an international Fortune 500 business. I then changed careers and counseled convicted felons with alcohol and drug addictions to help them transform in ways that supported success outside of prison. I trained as a Whole Person Life Coach through Baraka Institute – Coach Training World. The common element in these careers is that I love to work with people in times of transformation – whether that is working with new technology, or creating a new life after prison & addiction, or reinventing your life in a way that supports your dreams.

I learn and grow through my marriage, parenting, service work, writing, art, and spiritual practice. I am proud to call Portland, Oregon my home – a city that is home to an abundance of creatives, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, outdoor enthusiasts, dog lovers, political & social activists, foodies, and diverse spiritual practices. 2021 Update – I now also call Astoria, Oregon my home. It is exciting to fulfill a long-held dream of becoming part of a small town community. I love this town because people here are diverse, there is exceptional natural beauty, and there is a wonderful combination of both lively community and peace and quiet. It feels like I’m back to my roots – my mom and dad spent parts of their childhood years living on the Oregon coast.

I’m an introvert, a geek, an artist, and a life-long learner with intense interest in the research revealing the convergence of science and spirituality, and in recent advances in neuroscience that are showing new opportunities to accelerate healing and transformation.

I have built a life I love while being true to who I am and honoring my journey.

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson