Signs of the Times – 2020 Election Edition

Yard signs are prolific! As people are at home, this is one way they’re voicing what’s on their minds. You may have seen my previous Signs of the Times that covered a wide range of issues. This post is devoted to election yard signs only. I did not include all the local candidates and ballot measures, just national. In all my weeks of walking I have yet to see a single sign supporting the reelection of Donald Trump. I live in Portland, so maybe that explains it. There is Trump support in rural Oregon, as we have seen when communities outside Portland brought their rallies to downtown and a clash of cultures ensued.

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It has been a long and exhausting election season. There’s a lot of “just get it over with already” sentiment. I live in progressive Portland, Oregon. I wonder what messages are on signs in rural Oregon and elsewhere. I saw one just outside of Portland that said “Enough is Enough, Vote Republican” and I had to laugh, who do they think has been in power? Maybe the sign referenced something more local to that town. Like a lot of states, Oregon has a very urban-rural divide. In past elections, Portland friends who have moved to more rural areas and put up signs for Democratic candidates had their signs stolen out of their yards. So much for freedom of speech.

Hope springs eternal and I will never give up hope for a well functioning democracy that acts on behalf of all Americans, and hope for candidates that want unity and inclusion in government.


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