Wander With Wonder

Where do I find inspiration for my creative endeavors? Where do I find beauty? Where do I find something to smile about? Where do I find incredible color, pattern, design? Where do I find reminders to be grateful for the spirit of the city I live in? Where do I restore my energy and come back into balance? Where do I find signs of people that are: happily planting gardens, swinging in hammocks, running through sprinklers, painting rocks, creating and appreciating art, building fairy gardens, enjoying life, and rightfully taking pride in their home/neighborhood/city?

I find all this and more right outside my door.

So I wish people who have never spent one minute in Portland, Oregon would quit telling me Portland has been destroyed by rioters, is covered with graffiti and trash, is ruled by anarchy, and needs Federal military troops inserted into our politics. I wish those people would quit saying things that aren’t true. About 3 blocks in the area of the Federal Building in downtown Portland has problems for a couple hours every night. Those problems would almost certainly be over by now if Federal military troops weren’t creating havoc and instigating violence with the way they are treating protesters. I wish people who think they know Portland would visit and see what is really going on before they tell me what is happening in my city. And I wish the Federal officers that are here were in other cities instead — helping with food distribution and Covid testing and hurricane relief — providing actual help that is needed.

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