On The Lookout for Something Good

We can experience moments of joy and delight, even when life is hard. If anything, it is more important than ever. Focusing entirely on problems and setbacks is a limited perspective, devoid of gratitude. Now is the time to look for a sweet moment where we can find it.

This idea was brought home to me via a convergence of 5-minute journaling and reading the books Conscious Creativity: look, connect, create, and Tao of Photography: Seeing Beyond Seeing. I started going for walks (using appropriate social distancing of course) with the intention of looking for something good. I have not been disappointed. My walks have been inspiring and uplifting. Here are some things I’ve seen out and about in the past few days.

Messages of HopeIMG_3423IMG_3532IMG_3491

& GratitudeIMG_3355 (2)

The Blooms and Colors of SpringIMG_3653
IMG_3693 (2)



Reminders of Love and Kindness



Things That Made Me Smile




I’m not denying the challenges of the time we’re living in. I’m not oblivious to the privilege that comes with living in a beautiful neighborhood (though I do live in an urban, high-density setting). I’m not immune to disappointment, loss, stress and uncertainty. I’m just saying I need a break to refocus on love, hope, gratitude, beauty, whimsy, the resourcefulness and innate joy children possess, the turn of the seasons, and anything hopeful and positive – these small moments get me through the day.

By the way, a surprising thing I’ve discovered – there are gnomes and fairy gardens in my neighborhood. These can be quite simple, but if you’re looking for inspiration and something to do with all that time on your hands, here are a couple of books for ideas: Fairy Homes & Gardens and Magical Miniature Gardens & Homes. An indoor potted plant makes a great home for a  fairy garden too.

IMG_3382IMG_3507 (1)

To learn the basics of 5-minute journaling…


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