5 Tools for Creating Your Best Life

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When I reflect on my life I’m quite amazed at the dreams that have come true in my life. I would like to share with you five tools that have been essential on my journey to manifesting my heart-felt dreams.

#1 Co-creation

We can access a great universal power when asking for the fulfillment of our dreams. I believe in co-creating with this force, whatever you choose to call it. Inspiration, creative insights, synchronicity, “aha” moments, intuitive knowing, and fully formed ideas show up (seemingly “out of nowhere”) when you consciously ask to co-create and then pay attention.

There are many words and concepts that exist in science, spirituality, and religion for this power. It has been called the Universe, Spirit, God, the superconscious mind, the oversoul, the supraconscious, infinite intelligence, God mind, inner Divine, Higher Self, collective unconscious, God consciousness, Buddha consciousness, Christ consciousness, Divine Mind, the Christ within, Source, Mother-Father God of all Creation, Infinite Wisdom, Infinite Spirit, Higher Knowing, the Field, the Divine Matrix.

Whatever you choose to call it, I encourage you to use this force to supercharge your ability to manifest everything you want to be, do and have. I have a degree in Spiritual Psychology, and I learned from my teachers to write my goals and dreams this way, filling in the word that most resonates: “With ______ as my co-creator, I create this or something better for the highest good of all concerned. So be it and so it is.” Then list your heart’s desires. This wording explicitly asks for co-creation. Adding “this or something better” allows this higher force to create a better outcome than our tiny brains can imagine; this phrase guarantees your limited thinking does not restrict your results.

Co-create and allow the Universe to be working on your behalf in fulfilling your dream. If it doesn’t happen, it is either not in your highest good, or the timing isn’t right. Don’t give up if it doesn’t happen as quickly as you want or expect; stay true to your dream. Tap into the wisdom of this higher consciousness and play close attention to subtle messages and unexpected ways your dream is being fulfilled.

#2 Abundance Mentality

As humans we may experience shortage and lack. As spiritual beings we experience abundance, and can tap into the infinite abundance of the Universe. I try and catch myself when I am in a mentality of “not enough” and consciously shift to what an abundance mentality would say.

It’s possible that the story you’re telling yourself about why you can’t have your dream is blocking it. I’ve attained many dreams in spite of an abundance of evidence I never would. When I wanted a life partner I quit telling myself “there is nobody for me” and started telling myself instead “I want my ‘right partner’, a wonderful man, and in the abundant universe of men there’s one that fits me.”

#3 Action

Once we have a clear vision of what we want to create we must take action. The Universe meets us at our point of action. Don’t expect to reap the harvest without planting the field.

Granted, sometimes you need to quit doing more, take a step back, rest and rejuvenate. Granted, sometimes you need to pause and clarify your intention. You need clarity the vision of what you want to create. Granted, one inspired and creative action can be worth years of plodding and struggling, so action aligned with intuition and the wisdom of our Higher Self is preferable, but action must come.

Action signals the Universe we are serious about our intention. The Universe can fulfill our dreams in ways our linear cause-and-effect brains could never predict or orchestrate. Take a step, set things in motion, and allow the Universe to go to work on your behalf.

For example, I hear sentiments like, “If God wants me to be married he’ll bring me my husband”. That may be true, but you will probably need to leave your house, or tell your friends you’re ready to meet someone special, or create an online profile, or notice the men you’re interacting with through your day. At the very least, you need to take action that opens your heart and shows you are ready to receive love. Make space in your home, your calendar, your heart, and in your life. Take action that shows you want it and are ready to receive it, whether it’s subtle inner action or bold outer action. Notice the men noticing you.

#4 Alignment

Another concept from spiritual psychology is aligning the “goal line” and the “soul line”. Most of us are familiar with the concept of the goal line. We can be fantastic at reaching milestone accomplishments – degrees, income, spouses, children, career, business, athletic achievement, houses, cars, etc. But if it feels like something is missing, or if goals continually elude us, it may mean the goal line and the soul line are going in different directions.

When we manifest on the soul line we are manifesting our highest destiny. “Soul goals” nudge us over and over. We fully embody our capacity for the contribution we’re meant to make. Just like a tiny acorn knows everything it needs to know to grow into a mighty oak, we are programed with everything we need within us to advance on the soul line and make a difference. And when the goal line and the soul line are in alignment, nothing can stop us.

To use the marriage example again, finding a wife or husband because you want the status and benefit of a particular picture of your “perfect” partner is very different from finding your “right partner”, your spiritual partner. When a relationship is a “soul goal” it keeps us in the game despite disappointment and discouragement along the way. We will not give up because our heart knows we are meant to be with someone and keeps nudging us to find him or her. We have a calling to give and receive love in a special, intimate relationship that will support our growth and our work in the world.

Another way to be out of alignment is by creating conflicting intentions. If we constantly speak our truth out into the Universe in ways that send conflicting messages about what we want to manifest, nothing can line up. When you go through the drive-through you must place a specific order. Likewise, the Universe can move on our behalf if we have a clear, specific, unambiguous desire that does not conflict with what we are saying and doing. Be conscious of the alignment of both your words and actions with your intention to create.

#5 Embrace the Journey

You are on a spiritual journey full of growth and evolution. The lessons, challenges and trials are necessary for the spiritual growth that will prepare your heart for the dream. Avoid looking at the journey with regret, fear, distrust, and the attitude “this shouldn’t be happening to me”. Rather, look for the gift in each step and be grateful.

Instead of meeting missteps with anger and resentment, keep asking: what is this here to teach me, what is the blessing in this experience, how does this help me recognize get absolutely clear on what I do want and what I don’t want in my life.

There is triumph in overcoming obstacles and challenges. There are guides and helpers (human and Divine) to support you in getting where you want to go if you’re willing to ask for and receive the help. There are wonderful people on your path, bringing gifts you may only recognize when you look back from a perspective of time and growth. Your worst heartbreak can be your greatest teacher.

Some dreams take complete transformation, time and energy, sustained effort, resilience and persistence. They require traversing the dark night of the soul. They require willingness to change, and grow, and remove barriers. They require vulnerability and taking the right kind of risks. In the end (given enough time) you’ll see how every step on the journey had purpose, taught an important lesson, and helped you become the person who can have your dream.

To sum up: Get absolutely clear on what you want, make sure the desire is in alignment with your heart and soul, and is not in conflict with other intentions. Be open and ready to receive your dream by stepping into the energy of abundance. Ask the Universe to help in co-creating the dream, take a small action step in the direction of your dream, and finally learn the lessons you are meant to learn on the way. I wish you all the best in manifesting the desires of your heart.


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