Writing the Permission Slip

2020 is the year of giving myself permission to be, do, and have more. Rather than make resolutions or set intentions, this year I’m writing myself the permission slip.

I am giving myself permission to:

  • Lead with my heart.
  • Love and accept myself, and others, wholeheartedly – regardless of struggles and imperfections.
  • Let go of self-help and self-improvement and embrace the natural evolution of my journey. This doesn’t mean stop growing or stop healing. For me it means to let go of the guru, the one right answer, the relentless drive to fix something, the need to be perfect. It is letting go of the belief that something is broken.
  • Create with passion and abandon. Delve deeply into my spiritual/creative path without concern for other people’s reactions.
  • Embrace abundance without guilt or apology; use my time and money in ways that bring joy and fulfillment. Exercise thoughtful stewardship of the resources in my care.
  • Live clutter-free, and turn the resulting time and peace of mind into soul-fulfilling creativity.
  • Write in a way that inspires others.  Allow my writing to be seen and discussed. Tell the story only I can tell. Make a difference in my own way.
  • Believe any inner or outer obstacles to fulfilling my dreams are simply part of my journey. Obstacles appear as opportunities for healing issues, not to stop me.
  • Please myself, and let everyone else take care of their own happiness and evolution.
  • Take action on my dreams. Follow intuition and inspiration with curiosity and courage, keeping an open mind to where it leads.
  • Be healthier, happier, more educated, more loved, more controversial, more true-to-myself, and more visible than I have been in the past.
  • Trust that everything is working for my highest good.
quote from the journal It's Gonna Be OK

quote from the journal It’s Gonna Be OK

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