What do I want to experience, express, create and contribute in my next chapter?

What’s my next adventure? What dream is unfulfilled? What legacy do I want to leave?

How can I leverage my past to create a life that is happy and healthy and counts for something?

What remains to be healed so I can leave this lifetime feeling I lived my best life?

My last chapter was parenting and partnership. Those are still present, but will never be what they were in my daughter’s early years. It is hard for me to imagine a time in my life that brings me more joy, more delight, more growth, more meaning, and more fun than the years from my daughter’s birth to her turning 18. Those years have been so rich and full, what could possibly surpass them? But my intention is to make this next chapter, commonly known as “retirement” and “the empty nest”, every bit as exciting, impactful, meaningful and joyful. I intend to deepen my relationship with my daughter as she enters adulthood. I intend to deepen my relationship with my husband as we enter an exciting new phase. I intend to support them in bringing forward their best life as they step into their next chapter, as I open up my life to new possibilities.

You can follow my journey here. I will report on what’s coming forward, as well as reflect on the learning, growth, and evolution that allows me to achieve my heart-felt dreams. My wise women years will not be idle; I intend to continue to stretch outside my comfort zone and see what life brings in this next chapter.